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CRYONOMIC® Dry Ice Blasters CAB series - Guns & Nozzle for CAB Blasters

Guns: choose the most suitable gun for your specific application!

All CRYONOMIC® guns have their specific applications. However, they can be used with every type of CRYONOMIC® two-hose ice blaster:

  • The most powerful and versatile gun: the G5000 series
    The G5000 two-hose gun is the standard and most powerful gun. This gun is available with different options: remote control, air volume control or both. This series can be combined with a wide range of nozzles.
  • Poor accessibility?
    Choose the MG1000. This ultra compact one-hose gun has its own range of small nozzles and works on the two-hose blaster!
  • Compromise?
    The MG2000 is a small but powerful dual hose gun, suitable for heavy duty cleaning applications with space constraints and available with a variety of nozzles.
  • Robot application?
    Select the RG2000. This strong two-hose gun is designed for automated dry ice blasting applications.
  • Live (low- to mid-voltage) equipment?
    The MG1001 is the thermoplastic plastic version of the MG1000 for applications where non-conductive tooling is a safety requirement.

The guns mentioned above can be stored in a practical gun box with space for 3 different guns.


  • CRYONOMIC® offers a large variety of round, wide, bent and extra long nozzles for all guns. Length available from 67 mm up to 4 m.
    • Sound and Air reduced nozzles
    • Practical nozzle box with most commonly used nozzles and tools.
    • If application circumstances require adaptations to existing equipment or development of new equipment such as special guns or nozzles, our R&D Department will offer you a custom solution.

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    Products Dry Ice Blasters CAB series 
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    Products Guns & Nozzle for CAB Blasters 
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    Products Guns & Nozzle for COB Blasters 
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