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General principles:

  1. What is ultrasound
  2. Ultrasonic cleaner
  3. Ultrasonic Atomization
  4. Ultrasonic motors
  5. Ultrasonic extraction


  1. Industrial
  2. Appliances
  3. Medicine
  4. Others
General Principles

1 What is ultrasound:

ears can hear the call to "listening" and about "20 to 20 KHz," higher frequency ultrasound beam is called. However, the definition of the project technically not the same, the acoustic characteristics of any use to transmit information or to the related material, all known as ultrasound.
Ultrasound is often used by the current frequency range of KHz ~ MHz, can enjoy the use of function and to determine the frequency of use.

Schematic diagram of the ultrasonic cleaning machine as follows:

Oscillation of the high frequency electric power, into mechanical vibration of energy and vibration power supply to the load. Due to mechanical vibration frequency of the load changes, vibration, temperature changes in the system, and other reasons, due to the detection of their best changes to its feedback oscillation system, auto-oscillation frequency will be adjusted for optimum efficiency vibration, which are the "frequency Automatic tracking machine. "
Power output switch in the circuit, the use of high-power power transistor (BJT general use, MOSFET and IGBT), Crystal at work will produce a lot of heat, so good addition to the radiator, they also need the protection of crystal temperature, to ensure that the mechanical life.

2 Ultrasonic cleaner:

Ultrasound in liquid wash, using the original can be divided into two kinds:

Empty phenomenon: in the low frequency of the cycle. Ultrasonic vibration to cause transient liquid "booster" and "decompression" and repeated the action will have almost real empty, and take all the gas dissolved in a liquid bubble phenomenon known as empty. The bubble was vigorously compression eradication, will be a strong shock wave was directly attached to wash broken on the solid and dirt. This is the root of the ultrasonic cleaner. Wash liquid temperature is usually higher, the better the effect of wash, wash trough liquid temperature is higher than normal temperature. Wash liquid close to the boiling point, we will have a large number of bubbles will force ultrasound attenuation.

He millions: ultrasonic output frequency above about 800 KHz, which is mainly used to clean high-precision products, such as chips wash, wash… such as TFT glass. He millions of ultrasound with a show of features:

  1. Sub-micron particles can be removed.
  2. There are no empty, and no injuries were thoroughly cleansed of.
  3. Wave length, no standing impact, in the uniform wash effect.

Another characteristic of ultrasonic cleaner - standing, as shown, ultrasound from the bottom of Level spread along the vertical direction, and incident and the reflected wave coincidence, the formation of the acoustic road, said this standing wave. In the standing position about the surface from λ / 4, surprising several times, the wash of the largest and most suitable for the location of Wash, in order to obtain comprehensive work wash effect, or need to use the workpiece Swing Sweep function ultrasonic generator.

3 Ultrasonic Atomization

Liquid in the ultrasonic vibration strength, the sound of radiation pressure, frequency (frequency) increased pressure to point to the sound of concentration, the surface can be pushed up formation of a liquid column. Liquid column above the surface of the liquid by the impact of large energy and mutual collisions, pull off the surface tension of liquid to liquid particles, flying in the air, namely, the principle of aerosol. General application in the humidifier, respiratory diseases (liquid atomization), volatile oil machine.

4 Ultrasonic motors

Use more than about 20 KHz high frequency mechanical vibration of friction drive motor. Can be divided into linear motor and rotary-shaped motor. Electrical machinery transform its high efficiency, a special torque, displacement can be precision control its merits, drawbacks of slow speed, high-priced. At present, there are many scholars in the study and application of the relevant characteristics of each of the different papers have.

5 Ultrasonic extraction

When the ultrasonic is propagating in the extracted liquid, the ordered and high-speed ultrasonic vibration will result in cavitations bubbles in a solvent material. When these bubbles collapse near the cell walls, the resulting shock waves and liquid jets cause those cells walls to break and release their contents into a solvent.

Ultrasonic extraction technology can reduces processing time and solvent use, thus to obtain higher extraction rate and more healthy extract. This is due to the characteristics of its operated at low temperature both to reduce heat loss caused by temperature factors, but also to avoid the vaporization of substances due to low boiling point and also to maintain biological active substances. High ultrasonic frequency also makes high penetration which facilitates the adhesion and mixture between extracted liquids and increases extraction efficiency.

Molecule Activating Features
Ultrasonic cavitations bubbles can also make molecule smaller and more active. During the ultrasonic molecule activation, a molecular group can reduce the Hz value in a short period of time, means smaller number of molecular links and shorter connection length, which further brings higher permeability, higher solubility, and increased oxygen level. Human body can absorb nutrients and speeds up metabolism with this kind of smaller molecule group.

Scope of Application
In recent years, with public attention turning to LOHAS Life, people are more interested in discovering and developing new Chinese medicinal herbal products from natural. They extract all kinds of substances, such as alkaloids, polysaccharides, proteins, chlorophyll and other biologically active substances from a variety of herbs, organic plants ... and so on. Ultrasonic low temperature extraction offers the extract without chemical solvent, keep bioactive substances, smaller and highly absorbable molecule to human body.

The main ultrasonic extraction applications are in making herbal cosmetics, Kampo skin care products, botanical extracts, health foods, Chinese herbal medicine, anti-cancer drug. They are used widely in medical pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology.

Kampo Biotechnology :
Kampo herbal medicine, Kampo cosmetic, Kampo Lotion , Kampo Skin care, Kampo Hair Care

Alternative and preventive medicine:
Chinese herbal medicine, anti-cancer drug, botanical extracts

Collagen, polysaccharides, natural pigment: anthocyanins, chlorophyll, Sorghum Red Pigment..

Ultrasonic Extraction Cases

ultrasonic extraction



Single-ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

Semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

List of machine guns washing machine:

Electroplating, electrolysis equipment:

Solvent-based ultrasonic cleaner equipment:

2 Appliance

Ultrasound machines: Domestic appliance manufacturers, such as Sharp, East yuan, and have produced ultrasound machines. Its use of ultrasound in the water empty effect, the laundry detergent in the water full of vibration effects, effective cleaning of clothing.

Mutil- Cleaning machine: the market can see a wide range of small household washing machine, which is mainly used to wash glasses, jewelry, CD, DVD films, such as metal strap .. small items. Can enjoy the situation by adding a small amount of detergent can enhance cleaning effect.

Used kitchen washing machine: major cleaning all kinds of commonly used cleaning knife and fork difficult corner.

Dentures, braces for washing machines: small specialized cleaning dentures ultrasound, which is compatible with commercial cleaning spindles (agents) better results。

3 Medicine

Xiya ultrasound machine:

Ultrasound used in dental treatment is started to remove calculus amalgam filling. Frequency of 40 KHz to 25 commonly used sophisticated vibration displacement of the largest 100 um, and the use of high-speed micro-vibration remove tartar, and will not harm the teeth over quality, less pain efficient treatment.

Respiratory drug aerosol machine:

Use of ultrasonic atomization of liquids, syrups labeled as a small water molecules, then use small fan will be atomized syrup blow mechanical external elements to patients by mouth, nose Xidao respiratory tract or lungs, so as to effectively treatment.

4 other applications:

To be added ......

 Ultrasonic Extraction Technology Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic Extraction Technology Ultrasonic 

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