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1 Autoclave, Sterilizers Drying Sterilizers, Autoclave (Built-in Cooling Fan), Autoclave (Economical type), Autoclave (with Drying Function) ...more information
2 For Biotechnology Cell Vital Analyzer system, Dnamic Co-culture System, Mappiong Flourescence Microphotonmetry System ...more information
3 Freeze Dryers Freeze Dryer Big and Small type ...more information
4 Incubator Standard Incubator, Freezer Incubator, Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Low Temp Incubator, Programmable Incubator, Desktop Incubator, Two Chamber incubator ...more information
5 Laboratory Facilities Clean Bench, Bio Clean Bench, Safety Cabinet, Fume Hoods, and etc ...more information
6 Laboratory Shaker Horizontal Shaker, Vertical Shaker, Rotary Shaker, Reciprocatoin, Ellipsoid and Swing Shaker ...more information
7 Laboratory Stirrer Laboratory Stirrer, Compact Magnetic Stirrer, Strong Magnetic Stirrer, Magnetic Stirrer With Hotplate, Touch Mixer ...more information
8 Laboratory Washer Different Size of Laboratory Washer ...more information
9 Low temp. Water Circulator Neocool Dip, Cold Traps, Aspirator Cooling, Low profile Cooling Water Circulator, External Water Circulator and etc. ...more information
10 Muffle Furnaces Standard Mufle Furnace, Progammable Muffle Furnace. ...more information
11 Other Products Force Convection Oven with Air Curtian, Handy Aspirator, Heating Block, Hot plates, Univeral Ball Mill ...more information
12 Ovens All Kind of Yamato Scientific Oven ...more information
13 Plasma Cleaner, Asher Plasms Cleaner, Gas Plasma Etcher, Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner, Low Temp Asher and etc. ...more information
14 Product for Industry Chiller for Dicing Saw Machine, Inert Oven 2 Chamber Type, Cure Oven 2 Chamber Type, Fine Oven, Big Size Autoclave for Dispersing Purpose and etc. ...more information
15 Rotary Evaporators All Kind of Rotary Evaporator set ...more information
16 Spray Dryer Different Size of Spray Dryer and Accesories ...more information
17 Vacuum Pump Various type of Vacuum Pump with Different Pressure ...more information
18 Water Bath Constant Temp Water Bath, Low Temp Water Bath, Oil Bath and etc ...more information
19 Water Purifier Benchtop or Floor Stand Type of Water Purifier ...more information
20 X-Ray CT Scanner Xray with CT Scanner ...more information



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