Why Dry Ice Cleaning ?

Dry ice cleaning is unique because it allows to clean without leaving any other waste:the blasted dry ice pellets disappear 100% after use!
Discover how almost 20 years of experience and a worldwide network meets your needs for Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment.
See on the following pages how CRYONOMIC® is used in your
Industry or for your cleaning Job.

Did u know CRYONOMIC® is the….

  • 1st one in Europe building
    dry ice blasting systems (1992)
  • 1st one in the world with full
    remote control on the gun (1993)
  • 1st one in the world with integrated
    gun light (2003)
  • 1st one in the world with
    new patented one hose blaster (2007)


Blasting dry ice up to 10 bar, with or without abrasives, is now possible with the new

COB62 plus!

FAQ about Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Blaster

What dry ice blaster to choose?

The 1-hose COB blaster (2 models):
- this industrial blaster is compact, works with limited compressed air and is not expensive
- typical used in Production Sites to clean moulds, machines, conveyors, etc.

The 2-hose CAB blaster (3 models):
- this industrial blaster is for companies that clean much and have more air volume available
- typical used for contract cleaning, renovating buildings, etc


Dry Ice Machine and Storage

CIP 4 Series

CIP 5 Series

CIC Series

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Automobile Industry
Food Industry
Rubber Industry
Contract Cleaning
Electrical Power Industry
Plastic Industry
Metal Foundry Industry
Printing Industry
Restoration and Renovation




















  Laboratory Analyzer        

  Portable and Handheld Analyzer    


Extraction Technology

Supercritical fluid

Extraction Machine

CO2 Extraction

Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment

Custom-Designed Services

Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning
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