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Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket) (DKG650)

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Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket) (DKG650) DKG Series Forced Convection Oven Constant Temperature & Drying Oven

Reduced heating time to 1/2.5, cooling time to 1/4 (compared with conventional company products), horizontal air flow appropriate for loaded operation, the standard oven for production lines supporting multi power supplies. The product lineup includes a silicon free type.
Features of Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket) (DKG650)
  • Standard oven with simple operation whose temperature increase and decrease time has been improved 50% or more compared with conventional products to reduce product takt time.
  • Temperature increase time has been reduced up to 1/2.5 (at no load, compared with conventional company products), temperature decrease time has also been reduced to 1/4 (at no load, compared with conventional company products). Extensive increase in work efficiency is expected.
  • Employment of a total exhaust system in which air supply and discharge are linked by operation of the manual damper at the front realizes extensive reduction in temperature decrease time.
  • The horizontal air flow system ideal for processing samples in a magazine rack or a lot of samples realizes high precision temperature performance even at loaded condition.
  • Fluoro rubber is employed for shoulder packing to realize silicon free. (DKG610V/650V/810V/850V)
  • Product lineup includes 610/610V/810/810V for 200 to 220V power supply and 650/650V/850/850V for 230 to 300L 240V to support multiple power supplies.

Item Code 212886
Model DKG650
Method Forced convection
Operating temperature range Room temp. +30°C to 260°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.5¡æ
Temperature distribution accuracy ±2¡æ£¨at 200¡æ£©¡¢±2.5¡æ£¨at 260¡æ£©
Time to attain max. temp. Within 45min. from 25°C ->260°C
Temp. decrease time About 30min. from 260°C ->50°C
Air supply/exhaust damper Front operation/manual damper Air supply pipe/exhaust pipe at the rear NSSC180 With exhaust duct
Interior/exterior Stainless steel plate/chrome free electro galvanized steel plate Chemical proof baking finish
Heater and heat insulator SUS pipe heater & glass wool
Heater capacity 230 to 240V 2.6 to 2.83kW
Blower fan Sirocco fan×1
Fan motor Capacitor 30W×1
Cable port I.D.: 30mm One at the right side of the main body
Door packing Silicon rubber
Air supply port Bottom of heater room (Open/Close with a manual damper)
Damper control Linked air supply / Exhaust with manual knob on the front of the main body
Exhaust port Upper part of rear of the main body: φ80 (Open / Close with a manual damper)
Heater control SSR control
Sensor K-thermocouple (Both for inside the chamber and heater room)
Safety unit Self diagnostic function (Temperature sensor error, Heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, Automatic overheat prevention function), Key lock,
Safety unit Program lock, Overheat preventive device, Over current electric leakage breaker, Door switch, Temperature fuse, External alarm terminal
Internal dimensions£¨W×D×H mm£© 600×500×500mm
External dimensions£¨W×D×H mm£© 770×696×985mm
Withstand load of shelf 15 kg / pc.
Shelf support step number 7 steps
Shelf support pitch 60mm pitch
Accessories Shelf 2 pcs.
Accessories Shelf support 4 pcs.
Power Source AC230 to 240V
Weight 110kg
Remarks(dimensions) 150L

Maintenance and warranty
Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.
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