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Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable, Peltier Cooling) (IJ101W)

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Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable, Peltier Cooling) (IJ101W) IJ Series Low Temperature Incubator Incubator Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable, Peltier Cooling) (IJ101W) IJ Series Low Temperature Incubator Incubator Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable, Peltier Cooling) (IJ101W) IJ Series Low Temperature Incubator Incubator

Fixed Temp. Incubator from small to large capacity, high functional and best-selling for long years
Features of Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable, Peltier Cooling) (IJ101W)
  • Highly functional fixed temp. incubator with varying capacity.
  • A compact model ideal for preserving samples and for constant temperature testing
  • A CFC-free, low-vibration model with a cooler equipped with peltier elements
  • Uses a programmable temperature controller (IJ201/300)
  • Has a convenient pre-reset temperature function ( as an option)
  • Air jacket can be attached as an option
  • Two units can be stacked by the stacking support (Option)
  • The IJ101W observation window uses environmentally friendly glass made from combination of energy-saving pair glsass and half-tempered glass, which prevents wasteful heat loss
  • A sliding mounting table can be provided with the IJ300 model ( as an option) for convenience when setting a microshaker inside and when adding / removing samples. The service outlet on the side of the unit does not require any wiring. A shaker cannot be set in the IJ101W model.
  • Safety has been enhanced with the addition of a self-diagnostic function, an overheat prevention device and an over-current circuit breaker.
Item Code 221185
Model IJ101W
Type Forced convection
Operating Temperature Range 5¡«60¡æ£¨at room temp.25¡æ£©
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.3¡æ£¨at 37¡æ£©
Temp. Distribution Accuracy ±1.0¡æ£¨at 37¡æ£©
Time to Max. Temp. 20¡«60¡æ¡¡60min.
Time to Lowest Temp. 20¡«0¡æ¡¡100min.
Interior Stainless steel
Exterior Chrome free electronic galvanized plated steel plate chemical proof baking finish
Heat Insulator Urethane foam
Heater Mica heater 120W
Condenser Peltiert element, Forced radiation type
Temp. Control Method PID
Operation Function Program operation (30 steps x 1, 15 steps x 2, 10 steps x 3), Fixed operation, Quick auto-stop, Auto-stop, Auto-start operation
Additional Functions Calibration off-set, Key-lock function, Auto recovery function at power failure
Sensor Double sensor: Platinum resistance Pt 100Ω (Temp. controller), K-thermocouple(Overheat preventor)
Safety Functions Self-diagnostic function(Temp. sensor error, heater failure, SSR short-circuit, Auto overheat), Overheat prevention(IJ201/301), Liquid pressure overheat preventor, Over-current ELB, Main relay error
Shelf Loading Capacity Approx. 15kg/ shelf
Shelf Step 7 steps
Accessories Shelf(Stainless punching metal) 2pcs., Shelf support 4 pcs., Receiver for drain 1pc.
Internal dimensions£¨W×D×H mm£© 250×250×250mm
External dimensions£¨W×D×H mm£© 350×399×565mm
Remarks(dimensions) 15.6L
Power Source AC115/220V
single phase with step-down transformer
Weight 20kg
Maintenance and warranty
Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.

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