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Shaking Incubator (BT220)

Shaking Incubator (BT220) Shaking Incubator (BT220) Shaking Water Bath Constant temperature bath Shaking Incubator (BT220) Shaking Incubator (BT220) Shaking Water Bath Constant temperature bath Shaking Incubator (BT220) Shaking Incubator (BT220) Shaking Water Bath Constant temperature bath

Compact design and easy-to-use shaking incubator water tank.
Features of Shaking Incubator (BT220)
The number of shakes can be adjusted at any number in the range from 20 to 160 times /min using a knob.
The product is equipped with a shaking ON/OFF switch and can be used as an incubator water tank without shaking.
Temperature may be set digitally with the up/down key. In addition, high precision temperature control as well as the shaking function in the bath with a pump allows higher temperature distribution accuracy.
This product is compact but yet holds up to 72 test tubes of 16.5 diameter or three 300 mL conical flasks.
The product has an improved safety which is equipped with dual overheat preventive device and no-liquid heating preventive device and an over current electric leakage breaker.

Item Code 221135
Model BT220
Operating temp. range Room temp.+5 to 80 deg.C
Temp. adjustment accuracy +/-0.05 deg.C (at 40 deg.C)
Temp. distribution accuracy +/-0.1 deg.C (at 40 deg.C)
Temp. rising time Approx. 40 min (from 23deg.C to 80deg.C)
Shaker motor Geared motor: 25W
Shaking rpm setting Analogue setting/scale display No-step speed control: 30 to 160/min
Shaking stroke 20 mm
Number of containers stored Test tube: 16.5 dia. x 72 Flask: 100 mL x 5, 200 mL x 4, 300 mL x 3, 500 mL x 1
Controller PID digital setting/display Fixed operation, timer operation (auto stop, quick auto stop, auto start)
Stirrer Jet stirring induction motor
Heater 1.2 kW Copper pipe nickel plated
Safety functions Automatic heating, sensor disconnection, over current electric leakage breaker, no-liquid heating prevention float switch
Internal dimensions£®W×D×H mm£© 224×328×200mm
Power Source AC220V 5.9A
Single-phase with step down transformer
External dimensions£®W×D×H mm£© 280×459×450mm
Weight 19kg
Maintenance and warranty
  1. Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
  2. External dimensions do not include protrusions.

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